1. Why are practice times so limited?

    Lane space at the Arlington facilities is hard to come by with so many bigger teams that have been around for so much longer.  We are always on the look out for more lane space on different days - but it is a waiting game.   

    This year, we added two new time slots at Renaissance in Falls Church, VA: 
    Sunday PM (7-8:30 PM) & Thursday PM (8-9:30 PM)

  2. What makes your program different than other programs?

    1. We offer individualized instruction with a low "swimmer:coach" ratio.  Most other developmental programs have 6-10 swimmers in every lane.  We have a maxiumum of 5 per lane in our Developmental Program and a maximum of 2 swimmers per coach in our "Learn-to-Swim" Program.

    2.  We use a lot of technology to help our swimmers who are visual learners.  From our experience, showing our swimmers what they are doing right and wrong helps them have a greater understanding.  We use under-water cameras (new this year), slow-motion video, and editing software.
  3. What makes your program different than other programs?

    3.  We offer flexibility in our scheduling so you are not locked into one date or time every week.  You have the option to attend any practice we offer as long as you let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

    4.  We are a 90-minute practice, not your typical 60-minute practice.  This gives us the opportunity to spend a solid hour on technique, and then spend 30 minutes 

  4. Do swimmers get the opportunity to swim in meets?

    No, we do not offer an option to swim in meets, however, we do time trials against each other, relays, etc to give our swimmers an opportunity to see whether or not they are making improvements in their times.

    Our goal is to get our swimmers to a point where they are confident enough in their skills that they can eventually move on to a higher level with a club team so they can swim in club meets.
  5. Why is the "Learn-to-Swim" program more expensive?

    This is because each swimmer in the "Learn-to-Swim" Program will receive individual or 2:1 'Swimmer:Coach" instruction.  The individual attention costs more money so we can pay the coaches.
  6. How much does it cost?

    Pricing varies based on the level of the swimmer and the number of practices you are looking to sign-up for.

    ​Visit our 'Pricing' page for all details on the different packages.

    ​While we are a little cheaper than other developmental programs in the area, we also offer the option of flexibility - allowing you to choose which days and times work best for you on a weekly basis.
  7. Are the lanes crowded?

    NO!  At the Swim Farm, we focus specifically on keeping lane numbers low to maintain a good 'coach:swimmer' ratio. 

    In our opinion, the big problem with most developmental programs is that lanes are over-crowded with 8+ swimmers in every lane.

    We guarantee that there will never be more than 6 swimmers per lane and coach.
  8. Is this program for Donaldson Run swimmers only?

    No!  This program is open for any swimmers who are interested in joining!

    Sunday PM @ Renaissance is a practice time where the High Point Swim Team has priority.   ​However, if space allows, swimmers will be permitted to join the practice as well.
  9. How do I sign-up for practices?

    When you purchase a practice plan on our team store , you will receive an e-mail from Coach Phil to complete your registration.  During this registration process, you will select dates and times.

    You will also be able to edit these selections at any point in the season through our Google sign-up page.
    If you would like to swap your practice slot for another due to a scheduling conflict, sickness, etc; you can do so at any point in the season by shooting Coach Phil an e-mail to let him know (as long as it is at least 48 hours before the practice you are scheduled for).
  10. How do I sign-up?

    Visit our team store and select the package you would like to purchase.  You can pay by through Paypal when you checkout.

    Once we have received your payment, Coach Phil will contact you to set up your registration.  Registration must be completed prior to your first practice for insurance purposes.
  11. Where are practices held?

    5200 Yorktown Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22207

    2230 George C. Marshall Dr #121
    Falls Church, VA 22043


Have a question not mentioned above?  Contact Coach Phil directly at [email protected]