Danielle Clark
Rebecca Morrissey
The Nelson Family
"Swim Farm is a fantastic swim program for all ages, levels and capabilities.  All three of my children love it.  Coach Phil and the other instructors are incredibly hands-on.  Instruction is individualized and focuses on technique and form.  Coach Phil is very successful in integrating multiple age groups and a continuum of swimming abilities.  This is not a program where the kids just swim laps in a crowded lane – every child receives personal attention and coaching specific to their goals.  Coach Phil and the other instructors are terrific at pushing kids to achieve more than they think they can but also ensuring that the practices are really fun.  The kids swim hard and have a blast."
Swim Farm is an exceptionally run program with coaches that know how to motivate, communicate and encourage my young swimmers. My older son was able to work on his strokes throughout the winter and keep in shape for summer swim. And my younger son developed the confidence needed to start swimming on his own!
If you are looking for a winter swim program where your child will have fun and make tremendous improvements, look no further! This is THE activity that my son looks forward to every week. He has cruised right into his summer swim team with great confidence and excitement (not burned out from indoor swim drudgery). It was the perfect way to help him improve over the winter and stay excited about swimming. We love this program!